Is “What’s your rate?” the best question to ask? Maybe not.

Many times when we are shopping the one question we ask is “What’s you Rate?”. Bill Atkins, owner of red Bank Limo thinks that should be one of, but not “the most important” question.
Recently, there were two tragic bus accidents in the local New York & New Jersey area where 18 people were killed in the two separate crashes
In both cases, the drivers had numerous violations on their licenses and in fact one of the drivers had a manslaughter conviction.
There is speculation that perhaps driving at too fast a speed or even fatigue may have led to these fatal crashes.
There are a few other similarities too.
Both Bus companies had numerous safety violations and obviously didn’t screen their drivers safety records well enough to exclude these drivers from driving their passengers.
Both bus companies were known to offer the cheapest rates compared to the market of other bus companies.
Surely, the passengers didn’t consider what the safety records were and the risks that are involved when choosing a company only on “cheapest rate”.
“At Red Bank Limo, Red Bank, NJ, we take a lot of pride in who our drivers are.
First, after interviewing the applicant, all drivers are pre screened and have motor vehicle, criminal background and sexual predator background checks.
If this initial screening shows a perfect record, the drivers are individually trained by the owner, says Bill Atkins”
Additionally, the owner does random “drive alongs” with each driver to ensure the highest safety and customer service standards are being maintained.
This extra training has had it’s rewards.
Red Bank Limo has been awarded The National Safety Excellence Award, by Lancer Insurance five times in the last six years.
This award recognizes Red Bank Limo as the top five Nationwide and the top rated company in Safety in New Jersey.

This ensures that the customers who travel with Red Bank Limo are going to have a safe ride.

Red Bank Limo. The most trusted and safest Limo Company in New Jersey.

So perhaps the first question should be “What is your safety Record?”

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