Plan for the Hoildays, travel SAFE with Red Bank Limo.

As the holidays approach, there are holiday parties, office parties and going to NY City to see a show.

This year, why not make it memorable (and safe).

Red Bank Limo has been rated :”The Safest Limo Company in New Jersey” for the last 8 consecutive years. All drivers have full background checks as well as personally being trained by Red Bank Limo’s presider, Bill Atkins.

“My drivers are the most important asset to my company and safety is something that we are constantly reviewing and training to keep our customers safe”, says Atkins.

Along with ongoing driver training, Red Bank also uses dome state of the art technology. All vehicles have real time GPS tracking so that the office knows where each car is at all times. The system also monitors the speed the cars are driven and an alert is sent to managers and the driver if the speed crosses the safety threshold.

With the holiday’s comes local towns police departments watching out for drivers who may have had too much to drink. Imagine a DWI and your license gets suspended. Not only would that be an incoinvience, but it may put your job at risk too.When making your plans for a holiday party or NY City show, the best practice is reserving your transportation with Red Bank Limo.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday.