Why NOW is the best time for Small Businesses

Now is the best time for Small Business.
It used to be that people chose who they did based on the size of the company.

Bigger was better. Not anymore.

With small businesses communicating better with their customers, small businesses are able to change and adapt quickly to what their customer wants.

Social media lets businesses know immediately what their customers are talking about and looking for.

People want great products and great service.

Ever call a big company and wait on hold or be treated indifferently by the person who answers the phone? When you call, has the owner him/herself actually answered?

I think of The Motor Vehicle Department, KMart and quite frankly many very large limo companies who advertise about having “the largest fleet!”

I know these companies are big, really big, but do you ever hear anyone sharing great customer service experiences about them? Probably not.

If you had an anniversary coming up, do you think your spouse would rather go to the largest restaurant company in the world (McDonald’s) or the local restaurant that has great reviews and the owner actually works at the restaurant and is there to see that everything goes just right?

Also, there is a big push on supporting Local Businesses. Local businesses reinvest the money they receive into supporting other local small businesses which encourages more local employment and supporting the small businesses that are right near where the customer lives.

The rules have changed and the big businesses haven’t figured it out yet. They just keep bragging about how big they are, while small businesses are growing, outsmarting them and serving the customer better.

So next time you are making a buying decision you should consider two thoughts. Is supporting a Local small business good for my community and will the small business serve me better than the too big business?

Red Bank Limo has been serving the Local Monmouth County area since 1987. We employ local people who are our drivers and staff. We buy our gas locally. We use the services of other local small businesses all which helps our community which has helped us to now be seeking additional staff to support our growth.

So next time you’re deciding who to do business with… Shop Local…Shop Small Business.

Bill Atkins, owner
Red Bank Limo
47 Reckless Place
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Red Bank Limo was Awarded The National Operator of the Year as well as The Asbury Park Press Readers Choice Award as well as numerous Safety Excellence Awards and is active in many Local Community Organizations.