Bill Atkins Marketing message: Ten Years after 9/11 and Today’s Economic Climate

Ten years ago our nation suffered a great tragedy on 9/11.
Our country was attacked and we lost many innocent people who were just going to work, like every other day.

I lost some people I knew as well as many others I didn’t know, but still felt the loss.

As the owner of a limousine service, Red bank Limo, who drives a lot of people to and from Newark Airport, we lost 65% of our normal business that September.

Many of my colleagues and others in the limousine business went out of business. Some cut back on staff or downsized their fleets.

Instead of doing any of the above, I knew I had to think differently. Instead of cutting back, I added. Meaning that I drove less myself, so my drivers would have more work. I didn’t lay off any employees.  I made sure we detailed all our cars more frequently than normal. We added free chilled bottled water with every ride. We arrived to every pick up even earlier than normal. We were friendlier and more attentive than ever before.  We had team meetings to go over better ways to serve our customers. My goal was to do the best with what I had control of.

Now ten years later, my business is thriving. We have had consistent growth, have won The National Operator of the Year award as well as numerous Safety Excellence Awards.

The similarity to today’ economic views are similar.

I would like to challenge you to do what you have control of – better. What can you do better for your customers? What added value can you give to your customers? What things can you do for your staff so they can do their job better?  How can you motivate your staff and yourself to look at things differently (better)?

Start your day a little earlier. Begin each day with an action plan:

1.) Write down an action plan of what you are going to get accomplished for that day.
2.) Call two customers a day and see how they are doing.
3.) Start giving to local charities and organizations that you have an affinity to.

Take control of what you really have control of and stop the “Stinking Thinking”.

When you are out and about, don’t get sucked into the negative complaining about things you can’t control.

Always bring a notepad with you & write down your ideas you get throughout the day. Add then to your action plan.

Your business can do better. You can make it happen.

Bill Atkins
Red Bank Limo